Major Football Events in America

Featured image Major Football Events in America - Major Football Events in America

There are quite a few important sporting events on the American Football events calendar.  Sports play a major role in American life and culture.  Sports and culture go hand in hand in most countries and definitely in America.

Major Football Events

The regular NFL season games draw big television audiences and are played during September and December each year.  NFL matches are played on Sundays.

The play-offs for the NFL take place during January when teams are invited to partake in play-off matches.  The NFL Championship games follow the play-offs.

The Super Bowl is the final match of the NFL Championship.  The Super Bowl is seen as the biggest major football event and happens annually.

Thanksgiving Football is a tradition in America.  Many high schools and colleges will host games.  Professional games always draw crowds and television audiences on this day.

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The Rose Bowl usually falls on New Year’s Day.  This is the traditional date for college football games.  However, the date may change if New Year’s Day is on a Sunday and these matches will conflict with the usual NFL schedule.

The Navy versus the Army football game is another favorite.

The Pro Bowl is a postseason event that is hosted yearly by the NFL.  This is an all-star game and features all the star players of the league.

American Football at the Olympics

In 1904, at the St Louis Olympic Games, American Football delivered a demonstration of the game, and again in 1932, at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.  In 1904, eleven matches were played, with the most memorable game between Native American teams.  In 1932, only one demonstration game took place.

America is passionate about their sporting events and football events is seen as their favorite sport to watch.